My name is Andy Li. I am currently a student studying Bachelor of Science in Creative Media (BScCM), in City University of Hong Kong.

I love programming and art/design. I have clear ideas on current web development, modern design and new media. My creations include web sites, web apps, RIA, installation art,  computer graphic and more.

You may contact me by sending email to:


I want to study in BScCM and work in the media field since F.4. I realized I am good at computer and have a great interest on multimedia design when I am studying the subject Computer and Information Technology (Multimedia stream).

I started surfing the web looking for good web designs, paintings and animations and eventually I am addicted to these kinds of media art. After seeing that many art works, I wanted to create some by my own. I learned Flash, PhotoShop, Dreamweaver in school and further studied some advanced skills by myself. I tried producing computer graphics, Flash games etc. This was the time I changed form a media art lover to an amateur media artist.

Studying in BScCM prepares me for both the technical skills and the media/art concepts (and it is currently the only degree program in Hong Kong focusing on this). I want to integrate technologies into art works and BScCM let me to do the exactly same thing.

Values and Beliefs

I realize the lack of skillful media artistes in Hong Kong, especially that people who are capable of both art/design and technology, at the same time willing to learn new things are too few. I think the media industry will growth fast in the future and this kind of artistes/developers are needed to support the growth.

I thought I can help improving the scene and want to become one of the top artists in Hong Kong. So I decided getting into the media industry.

Future Career Planning

I would love to work for web-development-related freelances before I graduated. Web design/develop, RIA engineering, web 2.0 consulting  etc are my possible career fields.

In the recent years, I am more and more interested to natural user interface  and augmented reality. Because of this I will probably choose to further study and even become a researcher in the area.

Interests and Hobbies 

As mentioned above, I love programming and art. I like doing some side projects on programming and art in my free time. Reading blogs on these areas is one of my hobbies (See my Google reader shared item. Oh, and I have a blog too).
Another great hobby of me is visiting exhibition and museum. Works from other people always give me new ideas.